Alena Van Dyke

Spiritual mentor, author, podcast hostess

Alena means “of Magdala” with Magdala meaning “tower” (from Magdalena), “torch”, “beautiful”, “light”, “bright” and “shining” (from Helena or Jelena) and “defending men” (from Alexandra). 

Do our parents know our futures when they name us? Mine must have been divinely guided. Ever since I was a teen I have felt called to be a light in the darkness. And while I’ve had different jobs and careers, this is the time that I feel God has asked me to dedicate myself full-time to sharing His love with the world.

My Miniphanies® podcast was born of this desire. “I had a Miniphany!” was something I said when I had an “ah-ha” moment. I thought all my brilliant little ideas didn’t quite deserve the title “epiphany.” That felt too big. Instead, they were mini-epiphanies. 

I hope these little ah-ha moments enlighten you and inspire you to lean closer in relationship with our heavenly father. 

…a 35-year-old with an awesome resume, who left it all for the pearl of great price. Here to remind you that everything is spiritual and inspire you to go all-in as you follow Jesus, listen to the Spirit, and love God, others & yourself with all you’ve got.

Everything is spiritual

Official Bio

Alena Van Dyke is a spiritual mentor, author, teacher, podcast hostess, and friend to wounded hearts. Spirit-led and prophetic, this modern Christian mystic believes everything is spiritual. Through writing, teaching, and having deep and meaningful conversations over coffee, Alena joins others on their journey to deconstruct religion and still seek the Lord with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength. She is a safe and welcoming companion for those walking through difficult seasons into a wholehearted life with Jesus. Learn more. 

Alena is the author of Return to Love: Restoring the Heart of Christianity, the host of the Miniphanies® podcast.


Return to Love


God is inviting you to return to love. If you say yes, he will use every season of your life to transform you and fill your heart with gold, especially your desert seasons. He will use the rollercoasters of life to build your faith in his faithfulness. He says you are worthy and wanted, no matter what you’ve done. He deeply delights in you. 

In Return to Love, Alena Van Dyke shares her journey and wisdom gained in spiritual valleys, mountaintops, and deserts. Powerful, inspiring, and relatable, Alena opens her heart and guides you on your own personal journey to seek the Lord with all of your heart, mind, and soul.

Pray in the Desert

New Mexico

Pray in the Desert is calling believers to pray and worship Jesus in the beautiful New Mexico desert. Our goal is to help you find purpose in the spiritual desert seasons so that you be healed, transformed, and restored.

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